Wednesday, January 1, 2003

14 - I am saved! - 畢國鋒

When I was not a Christian, I did a lot of bad things and I hurt people, too. I threw rocks and hit people’s feet. I killed bugs with my friends. I also raced bicycle with friends. I didn’t like to express my feeling because I was very self-protected. I was selfish, jealous and didn’t believe people at all. I even couldn’t believe myself. I liked to yell at home and I fought on streets. I couldn’t believe I did all these bad things.

I believe God now and I am saved. I believe God has eternal life. I have Son of God in my heart and I have eternal life. If a person didn’t have Son of God in his heart, that person doesn’t have eternal life. Jesus died on the cross and his blood washed away all people’s sins. I have sins so I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Although I’m not perfect and sometimes I still sin, but Jesus washes away my sins and I am saved. Moreover, I have a new life and a second chance now. My broken relationship with God was fixed. I am extremely happy to go to heaven when Jesus comes to bring me home or when I die.

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